Meet Our Dental Team – Hammond, IN

Kind Dental Professionals Who Care About You

No dental office is complete without a trusted team of professionals who are dedicated to optimal patient care. At United Dental Centers of Hammond, we consist of skilled dental experts who will remain fully focused on your experience from check-in to checkout. When visiting our dental office, you can count on us to calm your nerves, deliver thorough explanations, and find ways to help you save. It’s our commitment to you, and it’s one you won’t find anywhere else. Get to know our dental team in Hammond below.

Leticia (“Letty”), Front Desk

Hammond dental front desk team member Letty

Letty learns something new every day at our practice, whether it is about dentistry or a patient’s unique story. It keeps things interesting and makes the job eternally rewarding! She has dental assistant training through Ivy Tech and worked in that position before transitioning to the front desk. At home, she has four lovely children, so most of her weekends involve driving them between their various sports and activities.

Melissa, Dental Hygienist

Hammond dental hygienist Melissa

Melissa is proud to say that she learns from everyone, including our dentists, her peers, and also our patients! She is a graduate of Indiana University and decided to go into the dental field after initially being scared of the dentist. Her opinion changed when she had a great experience getting braces as a teen. To relax, she likes to try new foods, watch movies and TV, and take care of her plants.

Morgan, Front Desk

Front desk dental team member Morgan

Morgan is constantly learning and enjoys having a predictable schedule at her job, which isn’t true of most other health professions! In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and family, play video games, and listen to many types of music.

Vanessa, Dental Assistant

Dental assistant Vanessa

Nothing makes Vanessa happier than helping a patient feel great about their teeth! She has almost 20 years of dental experience, is a graduate of Indiana University, and has her Expanded Duties certification. 

Stacey, Dental Assistant

Dental assistant Stacey

Stacey has been having fun taking care of our patients and working with our staff for over 30 years! She has her Expanded Duties certification and additional certifications in coronal polishing, dental sealants, and fluoride treatment. On the weekends, she likes to spend time with her two daughters and one granddaughter as well as visit different breweries to try new beers and foods.

Kaylee, Front Desk

Front desk dental team member Kaylee

Kaylee loves multitasking, which makes her the perfect person to be at the front desk! She also likes that she’s constantly learning about dentistry. When she isn’t at the office, you’ll typically find her at home watching movies and cuddling with her two cats. She also likes having fun with her two nieces and painting.

Monique, Dental Assistant

Dental assistant Monique

Monique has been with us for about a decade, and she says that the best part of her job is getting to know our patients while serving them alongside her amazing coworkers. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and Purdue Northwest, and she has certifications in coronal polishing and placing sealants in addition to experience in pediatric dentistry. When not at the office, you’ll usually find her performing or rehearsing with her mariachi band or just relaxing at home with her cat!